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Home to over 1 million artists and 9 million tracks, CD Baby has paid out over $1 billion in artist royalties since its founding in 1998. CD Baby, a Downtown Music Holdings company, empowers emerging, niche, and amateur musicians with everything they need to successfully distribute, publish, promote, and monetize their music ...

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Leila Grossman
(646) 921-0438

May 2014 Iceberg Tip Sheet: A Monthly Round Up of CD Baby Releases of Note

CD Baby is the largest distributor of independent music on the planet. It’s the home of more than 300,000 artists. The CD Baby catalog makes up an estimated 17 per cent of iTunes track offerings. CD Baby is a distribution partner for many musicians who have become icons in the new music industry. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Macklemore both had their start on CD Baby and their catalog titles are still offered. Other artists, like Ingrid Michaelson and Gregory Alan Isakov have maintained independent and highly successful careers even as they’ve continued their partnerships with CD Baby. Greg Brown and Grant Lee Phillips are among musicianswho’ve dropped the old label system and run their own indie careers with the help of CD Baby. But which CD Baby artists will be the next to reach household name status? The Iceberg Tip Sheet offers a quick round up of recent and upcoming releases distributed by CD Baby, showcasing breakthrough artists, as well as cult stars and up-and-comers.

04/22/2014 OCD: Moosh & Twist, Living Out Loud

The Philadelphia duo first made their name by releasing a series of increasingly successful mixtapes. Now they’ve come out with their debut commercial release, after several years on the road building a powerful fanbase for their unique brand of hip-hop, with its lightning-fast rhymes, always full of wit and classic, feel-good production style. There’s already a strong YouTube buzz about the album from their support; the force is strong with this one.


04/22/2014 Haley Pharo, Haley Pharo

Born in Dallas, Texas, Pharo began writing songs at the age of eight, while floating down the Amazon with her parents. Since then, she’s recorded with Michael Jackson and, and at the age of 23 is releasing her debut, a collection of pop, rock, and dance music, containing nine powerful, confessional, and infectious pop gems, Produced by multi-Grammy winning producer Andrew Dawson (Kanye West and Fun), it has all the promise of a major start to a glittering career for the singer.


05/06/2014 Mike Sempert, Mid Dream

After several years as the frontman for California band Birds & Batteries, Sempert moved to L.A., married his longtime love and now he’s emerged with a new collection of songs and a fresh direction. With a very ‘70s feel to the production, there’s an intimacy to the music that can swell to the epic while still retaining the feel of a conversation with a friend. His former bandmates form the rhythm section, but there’s no doubt this is Sempert’s album, soulful and personal. It’s boosted by as radio campaign from Total Recluse and press is by Leslie Cuc at Tell All Your Friends.


05/06/2014 Audiomachine, Phenomena

Initially known for their film trailer music (Avatar, Beowulf), Audiomachine has amassed a powerful catalog of albums, and Phenomena is their most ambitious outing yet. Composed by Paul Dinletir, the emotional depth of the music is brought to life by 180 musicians, including the powerful beat of 10 percussionists, a compelling choir of 80 voices and the commanding force of a 90 piece orchestra, all recorded at Air Lyndhust Studio in London. It’s daring, a tour-de-force of orchestral music that takes Audiomachine to new emotional heights.


05/06/2014 Ghost Owl, Say Goodbye to Finland

The last time there was so big a buzz about a band from Athens, Georgia, was when R.E.M. emerged. This debut album from Ghost Owl, has been highly-anticipated, and the group delivers, offering a mix of concise arrangements and futuristic soundscapes that bring to mind the best British musical innovators, from Pink Floyd to Doves to Radiohead. Mixing psychedelia and the dancefloor, their live shows are already widely-praised, and the song craft is magnificent.


06/10/14 Mary Gauthier, Trouble & Love

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier has built her recording career with CD Baby and this new album is her first studio release in more than 4 years. The disc including her recording of “How You Learn to Live Alone,” a co-write with Gretchen Peters for the hit ABC show Nashville (performed on the show by Jonathan Jackson of CD Baby artists Enation). Gauthier tours regularly, and the enduring quality and depth of her work has helped to build a strong, loyal fanbase, not only in America, but internationally.


07/01/14 Various Artists, 2776: A Millennium of American Asskickery

From the twisted minds of Rob Kutner (Conan, The Daily Show), Stephen Levinson (Comedy Central) and Joel Levinson (The Tonight Show) — and the talents of a dizzying range of stars (Yo La Tengo, Triumph the Insult Comic Doc, Ed Helms, Aimee Mann, Will Forte, Ira Glass, Paul F. Tompkins, The Rebirth Brass Band, Andrew W.K. and many more) — comes 2776: A Millennium of America Asskickery, a skewed comedy-musical trip through America’s past, present and future.