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CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux Knows What it Means to Do It Yourself

When Tracy Maddux—a passionate fan of live music—joined CD Baby, he decided he needed to see a show by each of the new employees he worked with. Nearly everyone at CD Baby plays music. It meant ...

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Samantha Brickler

Save the Date: DIY Musician, The Biggest, Best Gathering for Motivated Self-Managed Musicians, Heads to Austin in August 2019

1500 musicians of all ages, career stages, and walks of life. Engaging, actionable presentations by people like them, people who have worked for years to get music heard and to build fanbases. CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference spans three days of intensive, celebratory interaction and learning, designed not to give a platform to industry talking heads, but to give artists the tools they need to leave the ballroom and change their creative lives and careers.

This year, the conference is moving from Nashville to Austin, to connect with a fresh community of musicians in another deeply musical city. The presentations, workshops, mentoring sessions, and jam rooms will be waiting for musicians on August 16-18, 2019 at the downtown Hilton.

“CD Baby pays close attention to what our artists need,” explains Kevin Breuner of CD Baby. “We know they are often hungry for a real plan of action, for helpful advice and encouragement, not for another panel on abstract business issues facing major labels.” The focus is on accessible, actionable ideas and tips that work for musicians at a variety of career crossroads, meaningful takeaways that energize and transform.

“The magnitude of this experience has been amazing. It exceeded my expectations beyond belief,” says indie-soul singer-songwriter AHI. “Bob Boilen said I was his favorite new discovery. I’m on clouds. The DIY Musician Conference changed my life.” Boilen went on to invite AHI for a Tiny Desk Concert.

This year’s edition will take full advantage of Austin’s quirky, rootsy music scene, bringing in artists, presenters, and other participants that reflect the city’s idiosyncratic creativity and charm.  

2019 DIY Musician Conference
August 16-18, 2019 
The Austin Hilton
Tickets on sale now at