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CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux Knows What it Means to Do It Yourself

When Tracy Maddux—a passionate fan of live music—joined CD Baby, he decided he needed to see a show by each of the new employees he worked with. Nearly everyone at CD Baby plays music. It meant ...

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Tyler Volkmar
(812) 961-3723

New York Times Feature: "Serving Alt-Artists, a Proud ‘Antilabel’ // CD Baby, a Company for the Niche Musician"

On August 13, 2014, the New York Times printed a feature profile on CD Baby as a "vital lifeline" for independent musicians. Journalist Larry Rohter writes, "In the world of digital music, CD Baby is a potent but quiet and thus frequently overlooked force."

CEO Tracy Maddux is quoted in the article saying, "We’re the antilabel in a lot of respects... We’ve been doing this longer than anyone else, and with five million tracks in our catalog, we’re a lot bigger than anyone else” in the same niche. “But we know that things are changing rapidly and that we can’t stand still.”

Read the full article here to see how artists like Willis Earl Beal, Ingrid Michaelson, Macklemore, Henry Rollins, Bon Iver, the National, and Jack Johnson have used CD Baby to springboard their careers.