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CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux Knows What it Means to Do It Yourself

When Tracy Maddux—a passionate fan of live music—joined CD Baby, he decided he needed to see a show by each of the new employees he worked with. Nearly everyone at CD Baby plays music. It meant ...

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Leila Grossman
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CD Baby Reaches 5-Million-Track-Milestone

New Data Released via Infographic:

CD Baby's catalog of independent music has grown to over 5 million tracks and represents a whopping 17% of the iTunes catalog of music, making CD Baby the largest supplier of music to iTunes in the world.

This massive catalog of tracks has seen steady growth with a recent shift in emphasis on singles and EPs instead of full albums. This growth has, in part, resulted in the total artist payout surpassing $300 million. CD Baby is also on pace to payout $1 million to artists who are signed up for their new micro sync project, which pays over $200,000 per quarter to independent musicians for use of their music on YouTube and video phone apps. Artists are seeing their music used in everything from power-washing how-to videos to basketball trick-shot videos.

In total, CD Baby expects to reach $58 million in 2013 sales. Broken down, 77% of those sales are downloads, 8% are streaming sources, and 15% are from the sale of CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl. This year's total sales are $5 million more than lasts year's sales of $53 million and $15 million more than 2011's total sales of $43 million dollars.

If you'd like the original file of the infographic, you'll find the image in the link below.