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CD BABY has launched a new program, CD BABY FREE, which allows artists to join the site with no sign-up fee

CD Baby Free Offers Artists No Fee Membership
CD BABY has launched a new program, CD BABY FREE, which allows artists to join the site with no sign-up fee. Artists can now sell their work from the CD BABY store, as well as use many of the tools, without any commitment, for a fee of 15% of the sales price (comparable to other, similar services like BANDCAMP). Distributed CD BABY artists are subject to a lower revenue share of 9% on digital sales. With 1.5 million unique monthly customers, the CD BABY store is home to more than 350,000 artists, including early work by the likes of MACKLEMORE and BON IVER.
“We’re officially opening the CDBABY.COM retail site to every artist on the planet,” explains CD BABY Director of Marketing KEVIN BREUNER. “Artists who have previously used a different distributor and not been able to get their music on CDBABY.COM can now tap into the customer base CD BABY has to offer.”
The new CD BABY PLAYER widget allows musicians to combine streaming with e-commerce on their site or on any website, including those of their fans or bloggers. “Our new player gives artists the incredible flexibility when featuring their music online,” added BREUNER. “It was built off the feedback we’ve been hearing from artists for years. Whether you’re an artist or a label, this player was designed with you in mind.”
The CD BABY PLAYER comes in three different sizes, a mini player for artists to distribute music to press or fans or use in blog posts; an album art-sized player; and a store-sized player intended for the music page of an artist’s website. For artists distributed by CD BABY, physical album fulfilment from the player is handled by CDBABY, something not available with other players (where artists have to fulfill their own sales). “We’re excited to give all artists access to the music fans at and give them tools to help them sell more music, as well as attract and engage with more fans,” said BREUNER.