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CD Baby continues to add to its option for DIY music promotion with the recent introduction of Ads by CD Baby

DIY Ad Options Expanding With "Ads by CD Baby"

CD Baby continues to add to its option for DIY music promotion with the recent introduction of Ads by CD Baby. Ads are delivered to music fans interested in your style or genre of music on sites like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and MTV. If you've gotten to the point where you have music available and growing interest from fans, then you might be ready for such paid promo activity. If so, you should also be comparing paid options on social networks like Facebook and promo options on music communities like Earbits.

Ads by CD Baby is yet another promo opportunity from CD Baby in addition to options ranging from Download Cards to Radio Airplay.

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Promote Your Music - Introducing Ads by CD Baby

The basic concept, illustrated in the above video, is to buy ads targeted to fans of music like yours on a variety of outlets including Amazon,, Rolling Stone, Pandora, Billboard, Yahoo!,, Pitchfork and MTV. The ads then link back to one's CD Baby page where new visitors can find out more.

Ad pricing is currently estimated which is a bit surprising.

CD Baby Marketing Coordinator Chris Robley recently informed me that the estimates should give you a sense of the size of the campaign and that they "more often than not" exceed the estimate.

Director of Marketing Kevin Breuner added that promotion tools are the biggest request from musicians outside of distribution and that they are looking forward to seeing the new option "drive sales for artists."

A CD Baby announcement describes the user interface:

"Ads by CD Baby has a very easy-to-use interface built into the CD Baby artist dashboard. The ads link back to the artist’s page, driving traffic there, where fans can purchase the music. Using the simple, intuitive interface, in minutes, artists can refine where the ads appear and how much they spend. It’s a system that gives real control and offers targeted advertising of the very best kind: finding fans who are very likely to buy."

If you haven't tried advertising and use CD Baby's services, Ads by CD Baby should be worth checking out.

Social networks like Facebook are another possibility with a variety of options for targeting recipients beyond just promoting individuals posts. And social music sites like Earbits have relevant promo offerings.

However, keep in mind that just getting your name out there is not a good reason to advertise.

Make sure you have a goal in mind, such as increasing newsletter signups or album sales, that gives you a way to evaluate results. If you can't compare results, then it will be difficult to decide which path to take in the future.


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