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Music Industry Moves: Angie Chamberland Named GM of 9:30 Club; CD Baby Launches Artist Engagement & Education Team

CD Baby has created an Artist Engagement and Education team, led by podcast host Kevin Breuner, who as part of this initiative has been named senior VP of artist engagement and education.

“We want to be a resourceful guide through an increasingly fractured and complicated landscape,” explains Breuner. “By investing in and uniting everything from our blogs, podcast, conference, and community, we hope to empower musicians with practical know-how and, hopefully, inspire them to pursue their musical ambitions and achieve success on their terms.”

“Kevin has used the DIY Musician podcast and blog, as well as our annual conference, to demystify distribution, monetization, and promotion and help make success in this atomized music economy—however an artist may define it—accessible to all artists, regardless of whether they use our services or not,” notes CD Baby President Joel Andrew. “Because we’re all artists ourselves, we see our mission as sharing what we know as broadly as possible. Now we’ll be able to bring even more energy to empowering and uplifting the diverse international community that CD Baby serves.”