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CD Baby Music Publishing Collections Exceed $10M

CD Baby Pro Publishing announced today that it has collected more than $10 million for its independent songwriters and performing artists.

Powered by sister company Songtrust, the publishing arm of the d.i.y. music distributor now manages 1.7 million songs.

Songtrust’s catalog database can ingest tens of thousands of new songs a month, and collects royalties from a pay source network that spans more than 215 countries and territories. Is also analyzes global pay source statements to ensure that all money is being properly collected and paid out to the rights holder.

“It is extremely important to be collecting all income sources as an independent artist, especially if you write or compose your own music,” explains Jon Bahr, VP of Business Development & Licensing at CD Baby. “The time has come for all artists, no matter what their career stage, fanbase or geographic market, to get paid promptly and fairly for their work.”

“When CD Baby Publishing launched a few years ago, we were the first music distributor to bring Publishing Administration directly into the distribution process,” Bahr notes. “Publishing is complicated, fractured, granular and global.”

Peachy! Success Story
CD Baby artist, Peachy!, released an RIAA and NMPA gold single (“Falling for U,” the track that launched buzzworthy vocalist mxmtoon) while still in high school. “Before I started collecting publishing income with CD Baby, I didn’t really understand what publishing was,” he explains. “With their services, I not only began collecting more than I expected, but with ease. Every project I’ve released with CD Baby has collected publishing income.”

Preparing For Next Year’s MLC
CD Baby is making plans to assure the continuity of artist and songwriter revenues as the US prepares for a major transformation of its music licensing and royalty distribution regulations with the implementation of the MLC.

“In 2021, with the launch of the MLC in the United States, CD Baby Publishing’s songs will already be registered and earning,” says Bahr, “as we continue educating the tens of thousands of unpublished songwriters on the value of collecting every penny of song royalties.”