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Episode #320 – Charts Vs. Listeners, Studios Reopening, And CD Baby’s Kevin Breuner

Why the charts and what people actually listen to don’t always match
A look at the Recording Academy P&E Wing recommendations for reopening studios.

CD Baby VP of Marketing Kevin Breuner
My guest on the podcast this week is Kevin Breuner, who’s the SVP of Marketing for CD Baby, the host of their DIY Musician Podcast, and author of a host of helpful articles on the company’s DIY Musician blog.

Kevin has spent over 20 years working in the music business, both as an artist and an industry professional. After college, he joined the Atlanta-based band Smalltown Poets who later signed a recording contract with a major label under the EMI umbrella. Their self-titled debut album sold over 200,000 copies, landing a Grammy nomination plus multiple Dove Award nominations.

He’s also been with CD Baby for 14 years, and knows the company and the state of music distribution extremely well.

During the interview we talked about the value of thinking about marketing early in the recording process, closing down the CD Baby store, helping artists reach more fans, the value of releasing albums, the streaming music experience, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at why the charts and real listening doesn’t always line up, and the Record Academy P&E Wing studio reopening recommendations.