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CD Baby's Announces Dates & Early Registration Discount for its 2020 DIY Musician Conference

CD Baby has announced that its th annual DIY Musician Conference will be held from August 28-30, 2020 in Austin, TX. Currently, CD Baby is offering an early registration price of USD$129.

The annual DIY Musician Conference welcomes more than 1,500 musicians of all ages, career stages, and backgrounds for actionable presentations by people, it says, who are "like them, people who have worked for years to get music heard and to build fanbases." The event spans three days of intensive, interaction and education, designed not to give a platform to industry talking heads, but to give artists the tools they need to help their careers.

“CD Baby pays close attention to what our artists need,” explains Kevin Breuner of CD Baby. “We know they are often hungry for a real plan of action, for helpful advice and encouragement, not for another panel on abstract business issues facing major labels.” The focus is on accessible, actionable ideas and tips that work for musicians at a variety of career crossroads, meaningful takeaways that energize and transform.

Last year, the conference made the move from its long-time home in Nashville to Austin. Attendees will be encouraged to take full advantage of Austin’s quirky, rootsy music scene, connecting them with artists, presenters, and other participants that reflect the city’s idiosyncratic creativity and charm.

There will presentations, workshops, mentoring sessions, and jam rooms waiting for musicians at the downtown Hilton.

In previous years, early ticket purchases have included perks such as: Showcase and open mic slots; studio tours; one-on-one mentoring; and song pitch sessions.

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