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CD Baby Adds Automated Mastering Service With CloudBounce Partnership

(CelebrityAccess) — CD Baby Partners with Automated Mastering Platform CloudBounce To Provide Pro-Sounding Polish For a Singles-Oriented Era

DIY music distribution platform CD Baby, announced a partnership with automated mastering platform CloudBounce to allow users to master their tracks from the CD Baby dashboard.

According to CD Baby, the automatic mastering service will costs the platform’s users $4.90 a track, which is aimed at making it accessible to users producing singles instead of full albums.

“A large segment of the indie artist community is drastically changing how they release music. There is definitely a shift to releasing songs as soon as they are finished instead of the traditional album release,” notes Kevin Breuner, VP of Marketing at CD Baby. “As artists release more and more singles, this gives them mastering options that fit within their budget and workflow. CloudBounce ensures these artists’ master recordings have the final touches needed to sound totally pro.”

CloudBounce’s algorithm-driven mastering engine processes recordings in minutes and allows users to accept or tweak the final cut, CD Baby says.

“Mastering engineers can do amazing work, but aren’t always accessible to all artists or right for all projects. Automated mastering is a perfect solution for self-managed and emerging artists,” said CloudBounce CEO Anssi Uimonen in a press statement announcing the partnership. “A mastered recording simply sounds more professional, giving it that polish that makes it far more likely to get it onto a high-trafficked playlist. It should be the standard for all artists.”

The financials and other aspects of the partnership were not disclosed.