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CD Baby Partners With Automated Mastering Platform CloudBounce

Programs that can automatically master a track or an album using sophisticated algorithms have provided a wealth of opportunities for artists who may not have the resources to hire a mastering engineer, especially as they've integrated with record labels and other industry entities, like LANDR's partnerships with ASCAP and Warner Bros. Records. Now, users of independent distributor and publisher CD Baby will be able to instantly master their tracks using automated mastering platform CloudBounce for the low, low price of $4.90 per track.

Announced on Wednesday (May 22), the partnership between CD Baby and CloudBounce is an expansion of their pre-existing relationship, which allowed users two free masters and a 50 percent discount on CloudBounce's Infinity Annual deal (at $99 per year). Users can now access CloudBounce right from CD Baby's dashboard, and instantly adjust balance, EQ, resonance control, stereo imaging and reach professional loudness standards.

“A large segment of the indie artist community is drastically changing how they release music. There is definitely a shift to releasing songs as soon as they are finished instead of the traditional album release,” says Kevin Breuner, vp of marketing at CD Baby, in a statement. “As artists release more and more singles, this gives them mastering options that fit within their budget and workflow. CloudBounce ensures these artists’ master recordings have the final touches needed to sound totally pro.”

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Adds CloudBounce CEO Anssi Uiomen: “Mastering engineers can do amazing work, but aren’t always accessible to all artists or right for all projects. Automated mastering is a perfect solution for self-managed and emerging artists. A mastered recording simply sounds more professional, giving it that polish that makes it far more likely to get it onto a high-trafficked playlist. It should be the standard for all artists.”

“We’re excited to fold yet another key service for artists into our dashboard,” says Breuner. “It’s part of our mission to support indie artists every step of the way, as they find the right strategy for releasing and promoting their music.”