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CD Baby announces new alliance with Audible Magic

CD Baby has announced a new partnership with audio ID company Audible Magic to better monitor recordings being uploaded into the DIY distributor’s platform, so to spot tracks that are either duplicates or dubious.

Both Spotify and Apple Music are now publicly ranking distributors, of course, with the quality of metadata provided and efforts to ensure copyright infringing content is not uploaded being key criteria that the streaming firms employ. Technology like that provided by Audible Magic assists with the latter task.

So far CD Baby has got itself good rankings from both the market-leading streaming firms, but says that it continues to enhance its systems so that it “remains a trusted distribution partner of digital platforms worldwide”.

The new partnership will see CD Baby utilise Audible Magic’s RightsRx system so that it can “decline to upload” any duplicate or dubious file, “rather than reactively taking it down at a later time due to a potentially costly rights conflict”.

The distributor’s VP Marketing, Kevin Breun, says: “Audible Magic is an essential element that enables us to play our role in the music business. Their powerful identification technology allows us to serve our artists – and the platforms and services they rely on – quickly and fairly”.

Meanwhile, over at Audible Magic, the tech firm’s CEO Vance Ikezoye adds: “CD Baby plays a vital role in the independent music community. We look forward to supporting their ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality of service to their artists and maintain strong relationships with the DSPs”.