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CD Baby Looks to Audible Magic to Help Flag Copyright-Infringing Content

CD Baby has announced a partnership with digital copyright, licensing, and monetization management company Audible Magic to identify potential rights infringement claims before the indie distributor and music publisher services its tracks to digital service providers (DSPs) like Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal.

“Audible Magic is an essential element that enables us to play our role in the music business,” said CD Baby vp of marketing Kevin Breuner. “Their powerful identification technology allows us to serve our artists – and the platforms and services they rely on -- quickly and fairly.”

This process begins when users request to upload files to CD Baby. At that point, Audible Magic's RightsRx™ program will scan the audio to check if it matches another track in its library of 30 million, or contains potentially copyright-infringing content. If the content in question is suspicious, CD Baby can decline to upload the file, and avoid a potentially costly take-down notice after the fact.

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“CD Baby plays a vital role in the independent music community. We look forward to supporting their ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality of service to their artists and maintain strong relationships with the DSPs,” said Audible Magic president and CEO Vance Ikezoye.

“We’re doing everything in our power to provide digital partners with data and assets that boost our artists. We want to create the best experience via these partnerships,” said M.J. Woodis, CD Baby’s director of digital operations, who leads a 19-person team that works on these issues. “We work closely with DSPs, and it’s often more of a conversation, not just rules laid down. The heart of the matter is not to restrict as we get them music and data, and to enable search and other discovery methods to help our artists. It’s a growing process.”

It's been a banner year for CD Baby. In January, Mexico's performance rights organization the Society of Authors and Composers (SACM) entered into an agreement with the Portland-based company. Last month, CD Baby began offering audio and banner ad opportunities for unsigned and self-managed artists, and just a few weeks later, its parent corporation AVL Digital Group (which includes AdRev, DashGo and Soundrop) was acquired by Downtown Publishing.