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Article, CD Baby’s music marketing platform, offers new marketing tools unavailable elsewhere is rolling out new, powerful tools to self-managed artists and independent labels. The marketing magic, once the sole purview of big industry players, is no longer out of reach for working musicians.

Users of the site can now run audio ad campaigns on Spotify, iHeart, and other platforms to reach fans right where they are most likely to engage, while they are listening to music. They can target listeners in a specific city or region with customized 30-second ads.

Artists can also target potential fans via banner ads on carefully selected sites, from big music destinations like Rolling Stone and, to niche blogs, sorted by genre. All starting at the accessible price of $50 for audio ads, and $20 for banner ads.

“We’re really excited about this new set of campaigns,” says CD Baby VP of Marketing, Kevin Breuner, who conducted several test campaigns for his own band using the tools. “A lot of these tools were once exclusive to major labels and big brands, with audio campaigns on Spotify costing more than many musicians are able or willing to invest. Now for the price of a stack of flyers and a tank of gas, you can reach out to thousands of people, right when they are already thinking about music.”

The campaigns on are designed with busy artists in mind. They can set up their marketing plan and let the campaigns run in the background. They can easily and intuitively see what’s getting traction and tweak their approach accordingly “Streaming platforms and music-related media offer a lot of opportunities for artists to connect with fans,” Breuner notes. “We want to give people the tools not just to get their music out there, but to make an impact and find their audiences.”

CD Baby artists get free access to and its complete set of marketing tools through their CD Baby artist dashboard. Labels and managers can set up accounts directly via