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CD Baby and SACM Signs Partnership Deal to Support Mexican Artists and Composers

CD Baby has announced its recent partnership with SACM, Mexico’s only Performance Rights Organization.

One remarkable benefit to Mexican artists from this alliance is that CD Baby will be offering free standard submissions to all registered SACM members. SACM is equally honored to recognize CD Baby as their “preferred” and recommended distributor. Representing more than half of all Mexican artists, this is the first time SACM has inked such an agreement.

“Along with renewed hope for the future of their country, Mexican artists are feeling more empowered than ever. They want to learn more, enjoy life and be in charge of their music careers,” says Heli Del Moral, CD Baby’s VP of International Development.”Music artists in Mexico are not only producing more creative and higher quality projects, they are building loyal relationships with their fans and seeking reliable and trustworthy partners to help them manage and grow their music business. They want transparency and flexible options that allow them to adapt quickly to a very dynamic industry. We’re thrilled to offer them the tools they need to accomplish this.”

Emer Villalobos Saunders, Director of International at SACM, sees this agreement as “a historic agreement and a culmination of a long-time mission to bring artists in Mexico a viable and trustworthy way to distribute their music. Both SACM and CD Baby share a set of values and a philosophy that puts the artists first.”

This is the first step of a true alliance to develop additional services and integrate efforts to benefit composers and performers in Mexico. “The alliance between CD Baby and SACM gives independent artists in Mexico a rock-solid foundation and a support system that will help them lead the way far into the future,” Del Moral notes. “For CD Baby, we feel this demonstrates our commitment to one of the world’s top streaming music markets.”