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CD Baby Artists Earned $100 Million In 2018

CD Baby has revealed that it's artists earned more than $100 million in 2018. That impressive number includes income from digital distribution (streaming and downloads) along with YouTube, music on Facebook and Instagram, music publishing, sync and direct CD sales.

CD Baby represents more than 750,000 artists, 170,000 songwriters, and over 9 million tracks.across 800+ genres. In August, we reported that CD Baby was delivering an average of 2,000 new tracks a day or an estimated 50% of the new music self-released to Spotify, Apple Music and other music services by artists in North America.

In October, CB Baby became one of just two music distributors to be named both a Spotify Preferred and an Apple Music Preferred Plus partner. Sony owned The Orchard is the other.

Spotify and the other music services became sensitive to the quality of metadata attached to each track uploaded after being hit with multiple licensing lawsuits. But CD Baby had already been collecting robust metadata to ensure that the music they deliver has a low “rejection rate” due to copyright issues, publishing discrepancies and missing info.