Press Clipping
106 – What is the DIY Musician Conference? – with Kevin Breuner of CD Baby

Podcast Highlights:
00:14 – Introductions
00:30 – What is the DIY Musician Conference?
01:34 – Education for independent artists
03:10 – Developing focus as a musician
04:43 – Why should people attend the DIY Musician Conference?
07:35 – What are some things musicians typically walk away with after attending the conference?
10:09 – Live music production
10:42 – What are some of the most common questions musicians come to you with at the conference?
12:31 – Is there anything musicians put too much focus on?
14:52 – What are some questions you wish musicians would ask more?
19:34 – Unsolicited emails and press releases
20:09 – Is the DIY Musician Conference profitable?
22:13 – How much time and effort does it take to put on a conference?
23:51 – Do you have any tips for those looking to start their own conference?
25:07 – What the market will bear
26:37 – How a conference deepens the relationship with your customers
28:29 – The best time in history to get your music out there