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CD Baby’s parent company makes some major acquisitions

AVL Digital Group, parent company for CD Baby, has acquired AudioMicro, and its AdRev and DashGo divisions.

As they note, the purchase “adds significant capabilities for CD Baby to serve record labels, publishers, and other music companies”, making them one of the largest song-right holders in the world.

AdRev is one of the world’s largest YouTube Content ID managers, while DashGo’s API is used by indies to send metadata to music services (an overlooked element that impacts greatly). handles licensing and sync deals.

“Bringing these companies together with CD Baby will amplify our ability to serve more kinds of clients, from newly minted independent artists to established labels and publishers,” Tony van Veen, AVL Digital Group CEO writes.

“The number of rights we now represent has multiplied substantially, and we have strengthened our arsenal of technology for rights holders with this acquisition. I’m very excited with how AdRev’s unique Content ID technology and DashGo’s API will help optimize asset monetisation for artists, labels, and publishers across the globe.”

“As a company, CD Baby has a long history of using best-in-class technology to locate and claim all of the money made from all uses of our clients’ music,” CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux adds.

“The addition of AdRev and DashGo allows us to offer more in-demand services to our existing clientele, our core business of independent artists and small labels, and help monetize the content of a much broader range of music companies.”