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Article Releases Pre-Save Me Tool To Encourage Fans To Pre-Save Upcoming Releases

One of the things that has vexed artists and labels in the digital age is how to excite a fanbase before a song or album is released. Sure, you can promote it, but our digital attention span is pretty limited so any pre-release promotion can fall by the wayside before the release actually happens., CD Baby’s marketing platform, has come up with a unique solution to the problem. It will now allow users to run marketing campaigns that offer “pre-saves” on Spotify, then automatically saves them to their library when the song or album is released. This means fans can hit save on an upcoming release before the tracks are publicly available, then get the music in their library automatically on release day.
In order to launch a pre-save campaign an artist first needs to create a Social Unlock campaign on, then submit a Spotify URI (the service’s internal links), and the date the release is slated to go live. The song then appears in the library of any fan who’s selected the Pre-Save on the day of release.
Social Unlock actually provides the means for other goals than Spotify Pre-Save as well. You can also create a Spotify follow unlock, YouTube subscribe unlock, Twitter follow unlock or a SoundCloud follow unlock as well as the ability to unlock almost any content. This includes a website or an unlisted YouTube video or even another campaign. It optionally allows users to complete the unlock with their email and provides the ability to add remarketing pixels to reach those same fans again via ads on any network. has multiple marketing tools that can really help artists expand their fanbase, but it does come at a price. There’s a free tier where you can run a single campaign to SoundCloud or YouTube without submitting any credit card info, but to do any real marketing work, it will cost from $9 a month all the way up to $119 per month. In order to run a Social Unlock campaign for the Pre-Save feature, you need at least a Gold tier at $49 per month.
To do marketing well, it almost almost costs money in one way or another, and this is just another tool in the social media toolbox.

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