Press Clipping
Hate Music Continues to be Removed from Catalogs. Good. Time for Some Positive Stuff, Too.

Following Spotify’s move to expunge white supremacist material from their system, other companies have been doing the same. Retailer CD Baby is doing the same thing (here’s their hate speech policy), but they’re also injecting some positivity in its place.

CD Baby is “committed to not only removing content that promotes hate and violence, but they are distributing artists who are progressive, and encouraging a greater understanding and collaboration across historically fraught lines.”

One such release is an anti-Islamaphonia compilation record entitled Philia: Artists Rise Against Islamaphobia. A national tour is coming and proceeds will be donated to United Productions Foundation, a group that specializes in combatting Islamaphobia. From the liner notes:

The 2016 presidential election cycle generated an unprecedented spike in fear-mongering and Islamophobia. According to the Department of Justice, incidents of bullying, discrimination and hate crimes towards American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim have dramatically increased over the past year.

As we brace for an uncertain future, bigotry and fear mongering threatens to only intensify. People of goodwill across the country are expressing concern about this spike in Islamophobia. Today, many Americans are looking for ways to form solidarity with the

Muslim community but they lack creative ways to take a stand. Philia – Artists Rise Against Islamophobia is a music and arts collaboration project designed to bring awareness to these problems.

Give the whole thing a listen here.