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CD Baby Hires Martin Liviciche, Expands Into Argentina

CD BABY expands its LATIN AMERICAN presence by hiring MARTIN LIVICICHE.
“There’s a huge wave of DIY musicians in LATIN AMERICA who are learning to become serious entrepreneurs," CD BABY VP/Marketing KEVIN BREUNER said. "It’s just forming, as these artists take control of their careers.”

CD BABY have been building its network of representatives in BRAZIL, COLOMBIA, CHILE and MEXICO, Now the indie music distribution and artist services powerhouse is welcoming its first ARGENTINIAN representative to the fold in LIVICICHE. With a BA in journalism and music production, LIVICICHE founded his own label and publishing endeavor and has managed publicity for major government cultural initiatives and festivals in BUENOS AIRES, among many other projects.

“In today's modern music market, there are a ton of different ways to sell and consume music that transcend borders," LIVICICHE said. "While it’s extremely important for independent musicians to have a trustworthy and stable distribution partner to make their music available on all global music platforms, it’s even more important for artists to work with a company who understands their needs, and gives them the tools and education needed to be successful. “CD BABY has localized in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE, and has developed strong relationships with all the major music platforms operating in LATIN AMERICA -- including SPOTIFY, GOOGLE/ YOUTUBE, APPLE, and DEEZER -- to get local artists visibility whenever possible.

“We are already one of the largest distributors in LATIN AMERICA, representing 20,000 artists," CD BABY Manager Of Global Marketing TRACEY GILL MILLER, We fervently believe in digital music’s huge growth potential in emerging markets, and particularly in countries like ARGENTINA.” CD BABY has experienced 50% to 150% year-over-year growth in new titles released in each of its LATIN AMERICAN territories.

“The tools and resources that CD BABY provides, and its strong history as a global leader in the sector makes them the best option for the ARGENTINIAN musician of today," LIVICICHE said. "I’m proud to join this global team of music professionals, and am excited to bring this world-class distribution service to independent artists in ARGENTINA.”