Press Clipping

In an ever expanding society of corporate overlords, it’s becoming an ever more difficult obstacle course for an artist to keep their musical integrity while reaching their desired audience. Most artist are forced to conform in order to obtain the much coveted success, and hoops have to be jumped through, which often impacts the original ideology within the artist. But there is a beacon of light, CD Baby, an independent music distributor, has teamed up with in order to give 650,000 artists the tools to reach the consumer. It’s here that the bridge between the artist and music lover overlaps.

CD Baby is the leading Indie music distribution and royalty administration service; they help give an independent artist the tools which allow over 100,000 of their songwriters/artists to collect all of their publishing royalties; this enables the artist more time and freedom to create their masterpieces. CD Baby’s latest acquisition gives even more muscle to market an artist. is a key marketing tool for major labels and artist, but in the hands of CD Baby, it gives 650,000 artists free access to promote themselves and reach a much wider audience which is a win for both artists and those who love music. This boost in artist-consumer relationship will allow both more access to engage fans on streaming and social media websites such as YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and Facebook. will give the artist the ability to launch numerous campaigns to help them reach their music consumer. Campaigns such as new music, videos and call-to-actions will help the deserving artist build on their audience and grow their following.

Kevin Breuner, VP of Marketing at CD Baby noted-

“ has become a key marketing tool for major label artists, so we know CD Baby artists are going to be excited about free access to this service.It’s designed to let artists and labels leverage just one piece of content on to drive specific actions from fans.”
The site goes much further than a tool for social media promote. It also allows individuals to connect in a unique and brilliant way. An artist who is running a campaign has the ability for fans to share their email with the artist in return for music or prizes, this allows the artist to build up the much-needed information, so planning gigs becomes a labour of love with a higher chance to sell out shows, leading to a much more enjoyable atmosphere. It also allows the artist the ability to track what streaming site their music is most listened on, so they know where to focus more of the efforts.

Breuner continues-

“ provides an amazing direct-connect for our artists and their fans. Indie musicians can not only build their email lists, but also track what platforms their fans are using to consume their music, thus guiding the artist on what music streaming and video services to focus on.” had quietly attracted the attention of major labels (Universal) and big indies (Rounder, Nettwerk), among others. But since the acquisition by CD Baby, 650,000 artists will be able use the service to share content and collect important data. For artists and labels who do not use CD Baby, marketing services cost up to $119 per month, but for all CD Baby users, the powerful marketing tool will be free in the coming months.
Breuner finally explains-

“More than 6,000 labels and artists have already used’s services, so we know it worksWe are really proud to offer this to our artists as a part of their already comprehensive toolbox.”
This marketing tool will help CD Baby, along with their labels and artists, pave the way to closer relationships between fans and artist. The indie artist will gain the ability to self-promote which means much more control over their message, and the hands which mould artist into hollowed out shells with at least be kept away from CD Baby’s artist and labels.