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CD Baby Adds Analytics Dashboard To Serve 400,000 Indie Musicians

You know that you have fans, but where do they live? How do they discover music? Understanding who your fans are can mean the difference between success and failure. A new analytics tool from CD Baby is designed to provide answers.

CD Baby has launched a Trending and Analytics dashboard for the 400,000 artists that uses its platform. The new tool provides interactive data reports showing the countries, states, and cities where their music is most widely streamed and downloaded.

Artists can also observe trends in how their fans are listening, whether through Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes or other streaming services. Within streaming services, artists can see which tracks are most popular and the most popular playlists that have added track plays. Data is also broken down to show preferences for desktop, mobile, or tablet listening.

"We often receive up to 14 million lines of data in one night from Spotify alone and trends in this data changes constantly.” says Erica Sinkovic, CD Baby Manager of Product Development. “Now artists can observe these changes on a daily basis.”

“This knowledge gives our musicians a vital guide of not only where to tour, but where to market their tracks and albums via targeted social media promotion,” says Kevin Breuner, CD Baby VP of Marketing.