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New Album Features Local Musical Duo's Acoustic Sound, Mix of Genres

There's a lot of music these days that Tad Freezeland describes as "bro country." But stories of "trucks, back roads and beer" weren't what he and his wife Jackie were trying to tell when they recorded their soon-to-be-released album. He said he gives Jackie the credit for the different sound, thanks to her talent with writing lyrics. "She'll musically tell a story," said Tad, who plays guitar on the album's songs. The Freezelands' new album is called "Worth the Wait" and is "appropriately named, Jackie said, as it comes 10 years after her "Crazy Blonde" album. The album has 12 songs written by the Freezelands, all recorded live with no over-dubbing. The couple said it should remind listeners of what they hear when they see them perform. "We wanted to capture the energy and sound of our live acoustic shows," Jackie said. They described the albums as mostly country and country-rock but with influences of 1980s rock, blues, older country and even Calypso. Included is "WhyWait," which they described as up-tempo and happy with a seize-the-moment theme. It's the only song on the album for which Tad wrote the lyrics, earning praise from his wife. "It's easy for people to capture the moment when it comes," she said. "Writing a song about being happy is a little trickier." There's also "She's Gonna Fly," written when Tad's daughter Hannah was "12 going on 30," as he put it. "You can't hold them back," he said. "It's that moment as a parent when you realize kids are going to go." Jackie also wrote the song "Bring Him Home" in recognition of Tad's work as a sheriff's deputy. She said the song expresses her faith in her husband's abilities and a higher plan for him to help make the world better. The Freezelands said there's no overall theme to the songs on the album, as they wanted to challenge themselves with no single sound and to appeal to a broader range of listeners. "They're all similar enough that the album flows really well together, Tad said. The recordings also include performances by Rod Evans of the local band The Feudin' Hillbillies on guitar and Dave Stephens of Superbad on beat box. The album will be for sale for $10 and will first be available at each of three upcoming release parties. Those are scheduled for 7-11 p.m. March 31 at Changes R Sports Bar & Grill in Greenup, 7-11 p.m. at John Boys Saloon in Flora and 6-11 p.m. April 15 at Brick House Bar & Grul in Charleston. The album will also be available for purchase online at thefreezelands with song downloads available on CDBaby and iTunes. KEVIN KILHOFFER, JOURNAL GAZETTE & TIMES-COURIER Jackie and Tad Freezeland pose for a photo at the Brick House in Charleston on Tuesday.